Friday, December 20, 2013

The Super Seven Snow Tips

It's a Winter wonderland. Well, most of the time.  Face it, we will have to get out and move accumulated snow away from the front door and out of the driveway.  The longer you wait (the better the turkey tastes) but seriously, the snow is getting deeper every minute. Sometimes, living on the wet west coast we can just wait a few days and the rain will come and wash away all the work. But not always! It may become dangerously heavy before it snows again.
Before tackling any strenuous activity, a quick warm-up will kick-start your muscles for the activity ahead and help prevent injury.

When you get down to business remember these pointers:

Don’t let snow pile up
If the weather report calls for several days of snow, frequent shovelling
will allow you to move smaller amounts of snow after each snowfall.
Pick the right shovel
Use a lightweight push shovel. If you’re using a metal shovel, spray it
With Teflon, so snow won’t stick to it. Lightweight plastics are recommended.
 Push, don’t throw
Push the snow to the side rather than throwing it. This way you avoid
lifting heavy shovels of snow, and abrupt twists or turns that may result
in serious injury.
Bend your knees
If you need to lift shovels of snow bend your knees, and use your leg and
arm muscles to do the work, while keeping your back straight.
Take a break
If you feel tired or short of breath, stop and take a break. Shake out your
arms and legs to recharge.
6 Keep comfort in mind
Layer your clothing so you can adapt to changing temperatures. If you
become too warm while outdoors, simply remove a layer or two to
maximize comfort.
Cool down
After you have finished doing the grunt work cool down by taking a walk and stretching
out tense muscles.Often a cool refreshment and a hot tub will accelerate relaxation.

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