Friday, March 21, 2014

FREE Core Strength & Endurance Class

The strength and endurance of core stabilizer muscles is directly correlated to the prevention of low back injury. If we can increase the stability of our core then we will reduce the occurrence of back pain.  Getting fit is as important to your health as it is fun. 
I'm teaching a FREE class for 10 weeks at the Lewis Recreation Centre in Courtenay, BC. 

A free 30 minute class will bring an intense core workout during your lunch break. Increasing your core strength and endurance has been proven in research to prevent low back pain.  Taught through a series of specific low impact exercises, this program is designed to target the key abdominal stabilizing muscles to help prevent injury and build those wash-board abs. 

All Activity Levels Welcome!
Tuesdays & Thursdays  1:15 - 1:45pm
April 1 - June 5th
Drop-ins Welcome. 
Cost: Free! 
Call the Lewis Centre to Register: 250.338.5371 

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